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Mission - Julie Owens

Divinely Inspired Life Coaching is about an internal shift to create change at the level of thought and belief!  Since we are always creating, we must renew our minds to be in alignment with what God believes about us!  It is about getting to the root of what has been sabotaging your peace, joy, love, happiness, freedom, success and abundance and transforming these beliefs in order to experience what you do want!   

Change your Beliefs - Change your Life

Knowing that our thoughts and beliefs lead to action and behavior, which result in our life experiences,

my goal is to help you discover, uncover and transform all faulty belief systems - 

so that you can have the amazing life you want and deserve!

Why your thoughts and beliefs 

are so important!

Matthew 15:18    But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these things defile (spoil or ruin) a man.

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Divinely Inspired Life Coaching 

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