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"Although Julie is academically qualified, I have found her life experiences and personal transformations to be what separates her from others! She is divinely able to identify others core beliefs and her loving approach can be heard by many! She has helped me personally and she has also worked together with my sister and I to aid us in communicating from our hearts. Fostering a discussion that we were unable to achieve by ourselves. Julie is anointed for this type of work! Who knew our core beliefs were destroying our lives?"

Judy N.

 "I am grateful for the time and attention Julie shared with me, we worked on and healed some deep wounds in one session! Amazing!"

Anna H.

"Julie is a gifted person!

 She's one of the smart angels that walks among us. She uses a plethora of experiences and modalities including but not limited to: a cognitive approach encompassing knowledge, attention, working memory, production of language and spiritual truth to inspire transformation. Julie believes and has proven to me that all of our answers lie within, and that her role is to assist in finding them!" Thank you Julie!

Dina G.

***Excellence, Beauty, Patience, Faith, Kindness, Serenity, Encouragement and the Greatest of all LOVE***Are the blessings God's Angel Julie shares with me.

"I have been frozen in my career path for many years and have desperately sought a solution to this dilemma.  My desire for change was so extreme that I went back to college and obtained my BA but nothing changed! It was suggested by an employer that I look for a Life Coach.  Thank God I found Julie Owens!  I started working with her and almost immediately (three sessions) I realized I was carrying around beliefs and opinions that were defeating me before I started!!!!  I'm working through these now and am already seeing a huge change (transformation) in my psychological outlook and mindset!  I am empowered in new and exciting ways!  I am now confident enough to apply for a high-end job and I have interviews next week and I am expecting great results as a result of my shifts! I recommend Julie and I praise her!  Thank you for launching me into my future Julie!"

Mike F.

I can't wait to add your picture and testimony!

Divinely Inspired Life Coaching 

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